Recruitments & RPO Solutions
Retained Executive Search ( High Circle )
Retained Executive Search consulting is appropriate for :
Hiring Top-Level Executives
Remuneration above Rs 20 lacs per anum
When the challenge is to hire not just any qualified person but most qualified and appropriate person

Bulk Recruitment Through Advertisement
Design creative and informative advertisements
End-to-end service with comprehensive feedback
Analysis and MIS reports,  service is well suited for start ups, new project manning, plant expansion
Service includes bulk recruitment through advertisement / data bank within project time frame
All India network enables quick processing response

Recruitment Process Outsourcing ( RPO )
Seasoned account managers from GENIUS work with CLIENT
The process is either on-site or off-site
Achievement of large scale staffing goals within time-frame
Focused and integrated approach with flexibility, effective strategy, business expertise and powerful search capabilities
GENIUS works with Client's HR Team to optimize your current process