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  Payroll Processing  
Payroll Processing
     Employee Master Information  
   PF, ESI, PT & LWF  
   IT Declaration  
   Tax Computation  
   Advance / Loan  
   Leave Encashment
   Full & Final
   Bank Advice & Bank Letter
         Master Register  
         PF No  
         ESI No
         Bank Account No
         Reimbursement Slip
         IT Computation
         IT Deduction
         Form 16
         F & F
           Variance Report
           Bank Transfer Letter And Annexure
     Master Information  
     Employee Details  
     Statutory Details  
     PF No. & Monthly Contribution  
     ESI No. & Monthly Deduction  
     Monthly PT  
     Labour Welfare Fund  
     Bank No.  
     Salary / Reimbursement  
     Payslip (Monthly & YTD)  
     Reimbursement Slip (Monthly & YTD)  
     Income Tax  
     IT Computation  
     IT Declaration  
     Form 16
       Message Board
       Enquiry / Suggestion
End-to-end solutions for efficient management of statutory compliances.

  Basic Statutory
    Compliance Management
Statutory Compliance Management
   Registration & Code Generation
   Sub-Code Generation
   Declaration & Nomination
   TIC & MC Generation From ESIC Server
   Online ESI Computations For All Locations
   Issuance of Continuity in Service Per Half Year
   ESI Computations For All Locations
   Preparation of ESI Challans
   Deposition of ESI Challans
   Employee Register
   Online / Offline ESI Half Yearly Return Preparation & Submission
   Processing of Claim Request
   Any Local Issue For ESI
   Facing of Government Inspection
   Declaration & Nomination Form Checking & Submission
   Supply of Employee Master Details Along With Monthly Returns
   PF Computation & Preparation of Challans
   Challan Deposition
   PF No. Allotment
   Preparation of Monthly Returns
   Submission of Monthly Returns
   Processing of Claims
   Submission of Claims After Necessary Certification
   Preparation of Annual Returns in EPF Software
   Facing of Government Inspection
   Challan Generation and Deposition
   Returns Preparation and Submission
   Facing of Government Inspection
     Calculation, Challan generation and deposition - Half Yearly Return
     Facing of Government Inspection

  Comprehensive Statutory
      Compliance Management
Statutory Compliance Management
   Employees State Insurance (ESI)
   Provident Fund
   Professional Tax
   Labour Welfare Fund
       Notice of Change
       Reg. for Daily Hours of Work & Rest of Intervals of Persons Employed
       Register of Leave
       Pay Register
       Register of Employee
       Register of Overtime Worked
       Notice of Claim for Maternity Benefit
       Delivery Certificate
       Application for Renewal of Registration
       Facing of Government Inspection
         Application for Registration
         Register of Establishments
         Form of Certificates by Principal Employer
         Notice of commencement and completion
         Registers of Contractors
         Annual Return
           Application of New Licence
           Application for Renewal of Licence
           Register of Workmen employed by Contractor
           Muster Roll & Register of Wages
           Register of Deduction, Fines, Advance, Overtime
           Half Yearly Return
       Quarterly Return
       Occupational Return ( Once in two years)
       Wage Register
       Register of Advance
       Register of Fine
       Register of Deduction
       Annual Return
       Register of Wages
       Muster Roll
       Register of Overtime
       Register of Deduction for damage or loss
       Register of Fines
       Wage Slip
       Submission of Returns
       Facing of Government Inspection
       Muster Roll
       Notice of Claim of Maternity Benefit
       Delivery Certificate
       Submission of date of Employment, Dismissal & Payment of Bonus
       Submission details of date of Payment
       Facing of Government Inspection
       Maintenance of Bonus Register
       Facing of Government Inspection
       Notice of Change
       Nomination & Declaration
       Modification of Nominee
       Application of Gratuity by Employee
       Application of Gratuity by Nominee
       Application of Gratuity by Legal Heir
       Notice for Payment of Gratuity
       Facing of Government Inspection
         Application for Registration or Renewal of Licence
         Inspection Book
         Register of Adult workers
         Register of leave with wages
         Register of Accident or dangerous occurrence
         Register of overtime
         Certificate of fitness for employment in hazartous process & operations
         Record of Eye examination
         Material Safety Data sheet
         Health Register
         Annual Return Factory
         Annual Return Canteen
         Annual Return Creche
         Annual Return Shelters, Rest Rooms & Lunch Rooms
         Half Yearly Return & Quarterly Return ( if applicable)
         Other Registers as per requirement, varies by state to state
Management of entire leave application process with email notification and customisation is possible. Our software helps to process online leave application and approval with auto email facility.
  Online Leave Management
Through Online Leave Management software, you can manage entire leave application process with email notification. This software will help you to process online leave application and approval with auto email notification and an applicant's leave balance also will update automatically. You can also integrate monthly leave details with your monthly attendance automatically.

Main Feature(s)
Leave application without the need of paperwork
Email notification will be sent to approval authority defined by client as per approval hierarchy
Respective approval authority can approve/reject any applied application based on available leave
Applicant and Approving Officer can see complete leave records and approval history respectively
Leave records are updated automatically once applications are approved
Leave records may be printed out or generated into reports
Leave records may be exported to any backend system
Accommodates "exceptional cases" in HR policies, such as special leave entitlement for individuals
Advanced Features such as delegation, block leave, document tracking, leave adjustment

n A complete web based application
n .NET enabled and N-Tier architecture based system
n Dedicated server with backup facilities
  Technology & Securities
Confidentiality : We maintain absolute confidentiality with all documents being provided by you and shall not disclose any information.
Technology & Securities
   A complete web based application with N tier architecture
   ASP.NET, C# and LINQ enabled application
   Strong database support with SQL Server 2005/2008
   HTML,DHTML,XML JavaScript, J-Query and AJAX support in web interface
      The built-in security features of .NET technology has been implemented.
      Most of the application and business logic has been implemented through DLL file or stored in database object, which is 100% safe
      Encryption algorithm has been used to protect all the sensitive information
      Genius Online Solution is configured under Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS 6.0/7.0 and .NET Framework 2.0 onwards
      All the IIS and Windows Server built-in security features has been used
      Microsoft Windows Firewall , built-in firewall of Windows Server 2008 R2 is configured
      McAfee Virus Scan and Host Intrusion System protection for Firewall, Malware and Spyware
      McAfee Host Intrusion protection
      Scan Engine Version :5300.2777 is installed
      Cisco Network Intrusion Prevention System ( Maintained by the Data Center )
      VeriSign SSL Certificates
All payroll data backups are taken twice in a day and are kept in a password protected place and it ensures that if data is lost then it can be recovered immediately
        Data Masking
All the sensitive & vital information are masked / encrypted within a database table to ensure that the data security is maintained and sensitive customer information is not leaked out side the authorized environment
        Data Erasure
Data Erasure Technology ( a method of software-based overwriting that completely destroys all electronic data residing on a hard drive or other digital media to ensure that no sensitive data is leaked when an asset retired or reused ) is also maintained at our data center
        Data Center
 To know more about Data Center Security.