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Why PF Trust Better Than EPF ?
n A salaried employee wish to buy a flat costing Rs. 10 Lakhs therefore he would either opt for a house loan paying huge interest rates or one would go for advance/ withdrawal from PF but that's a long long procedure.
n Therefore rather than opting for the archaic EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation). Instead of waiting aeons for his PF proceeds, one can withdraw money from his PF account in a couple of days.
n That's just one of the many advantages of an exempted PF trust. We take a look at the other ways in which this kind of trust scores over the EPF that is supervised by the regional PF commissioners.
n Why PF? When you join any provident fund it means that you automatically make regular, mandatory, tax-qualified, defined contributions that accumulate till you retire. You contribute 12 per cent of your basic pay, and your employer matches this amount.
n "With no social security available, this instrument enables employees to build a corpus to see them through tough times between jobs -- as the amount can be partly withdrawn as a loan -- and finally after retirement."
Benefits Of PF Trust Software With Its Management
n Direct Link to Employee Master Data (Customize Option) with PF Trust software.
n Member's & Employer's Contribution ERP Connected with Provident Fund solution.
n Loans in PF Trust software.
n Transfer In & Out/Settlement in PF Trust management solution.
n Investment Management in PF trust software.
Why Genius ?
n Already into Recruitment Services.
n Fast Accurate and Cost effective.
n Specialized Staff.
n All India Network.
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