Genius HRMS & Payroll Software
Genius HRMS
Manpower Projection
Recruitment Process
Induction Process
Performance Appraisal
Training Management
Attendance Management
Leave Management
Compensation Management
Loan & Advance Management
Income Tax Management
Employee Exit Management
Genius Payroll
Integrated Biometric Attendance
Salary Computation
Compensation Management
Leave Management
Management of Arrears
Loan & Advance Management
Management of variable Earnings & Deductions
Management of Disbursements
Income Tax management
Management of Bonus/Exgratia
Management of Gratuity
Computation of PF, ESI, P.Tax & LWF
Computation of Returns
Salient Features
Simple to Use
Web based enabled knowledge sharing
Available in SAAS, Cloud & Software mode
Maximum flexibility & Customization
Single window to every employees data
Create & download any Report & MIS
Share news across employees
VeriSign Data Security
Input back-up & restoration of data
Import & export of data from other system